Alocasia Regal Shields - Indoor/Outdoor Plant

Alocasia Regal Shields - Indoor/Outdoor Plant

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The Alocasia Regal Shields loves to bask in the light and can really lighten up your home. Whether you keep it inside your home or grow it in your garden, make sure to give it just the right amount of water so that your plant does not go bad.

Comes in a 10" nursery pot

Sun iconBright, indirect light. When grown inside, they do best near the brightest window. Be sure to rotate the pot a bit every week to ensure even growth, as the plant will inevitably turn towards the light.   Be sure to avoid direct rays. This will scorch the leaves.

Water drops iconGive moderate amounts of water and does best when the top few inches of the soil is allowed to dry out in-between watering. Check the top few inches of soil with your finger, only providing more water if it feels dry. 

Paw print icon Toxic To Pets