Fabric Pots

Fabric Pots

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Fabric pots, also known as grow bags which are soft-sided, aeration containers, designed to enhance the root structure of your plants.

They allowing maximum oxygen flow to the root ball. These pots have been scientifically proven through university studies to create an intensely branched rooting structure. Healthy roots result in more leafage and flowers, stronger resistance to disease and pests, as well as improving growth rate due to higher nutrient uptake. 

Additionally, the aeration effect will also help keep temperatures down, lowering stress levels on the plant.

Typically cloth pots will last between 4 and 6 growing seasons depending on environmental conditions. Cloth pots can be used for seedlings all the way to full size trees. To clean, simply allow them to dry and shake out the dirt. They can be machine-washed but do NOT machine dry them.

Comes in 5 & 7 gallon