Caladium Carolyn Whorton- Indoor/Outdoor Plant

Caladium Carolyn Whorton- Indoor/Outdoor Plant

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Although known to be an outdoor plant, Caladiums thrive indoors in indirect light. They make a spectacular tropical accent for your home. You can expect the showy season to last for 6 months or longer. 

This showy foliage plant with its colorful, heart-shaped leaves is sure to draw the attention of garden visitors. Colorful, shade-loving caladiums are ideal for container plantings, window boxes and the fronts of perennial borders.

**Because they are tender plants that don't handle the cold, many gardeners plant them in pots indoors and then move them outdoors after the danger of spring frost has passed.

Comes in 5" nursery pot 

Sun iconInside: Give them bright, indirect light and humidity. Outside: Sun to partial shade. Too much sun will sunburn the leaves and cause them to die.

Water drops icon Keep moist and well drained

Paw print icon Toxic to pets