Baker Blue Denim Rug

Baker Blue Denim Rug

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A versatile floor covering featuring a bold center pattern and tassels on each corner.  This rug is handwoven directly on a loom to create an extremely tight, long-wearing weave. 

  • Made of recycled denim
  • End tassels made of cotton
  • Dimensions: 2' x 3'
  • High quality construction ensures long lasting product
  • Style and design makes it suitable for use anywhere
  • Spot clean ONLY, do not clean in washing machine

Blot wet spills with an absorbent tissue. If loose strands occur, trim with scissors, do not pull.

Made of 100% recycled denim fabric scraps, this uniquely patterned small carpet has an authentic leather feel and will immediately add contemporary style to your home. The high quality materials and beautiful aesthetic allows it to complement virtually any room or decor - bedroom, living room, den, office, kitchen or even bathroom.