Croton Petra - Indoor Plant
Croton Petra - Indoor Plant

Croton Petra - Indoor Plant

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What's not to like about the colorful leaf palette of the Croton 'Petra?' Its bright red, yellow, orange, and green leaves brighten the corner of any home.  New green growth will start coloring up as it matures when it is situated in an eastern, southern, or western window to gain lots of bright, indirect light. The more sun it gets, the more rainbow shades will appear in its unique variegated foliage. Stripes or red, pink, and yellow will contrast beautifully with the darker green foliage. 

This is also a great plant for beginners because it's very easy to take care of.

Comes in two sizes: 4" & 6"  

Sun iconBright indirect light ie; a north facing window 

Water drops icon Water when top 2" is dry. Use lukewarm, filtered, or bottled water

Paw print icon Toxic to pets. Can cause skin, mouth or digestive irritation.