Dom Dusty Mint Planter
Dom Dusty Mint Planter

Dom Dusty Mint Planter

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We love how bringing plants indoors creates a calming effect in any space and this color boosts that feel good mood.

  • Dimensions: 7-1/2"L x 6-1/4"W x 6-3/4"H
  • Stoneware with reactive glaze
  • Holds 5" pot
  • Due to handmade nature, each one will vary in color and texture
  • No drainage

Is it possible to keep your plant in a pot without drainage holes? Our answer is yes!  Tip: A little bit of water goes a long way!

Create a drainage layer
A drainage layer is created by adding a medium such as pebbles, stones or pumace to the bottom of a pot before adding soil. Adding a drainage layer allows excess water to get out of the soil more quickly and away from roots before they can be damaged. Though the water is still in the pot, a drainage layer can provide a barrier between too much water and your plant.