Cordyline - Indoor Plant

Cordyline - Indoor Plant

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This big beautiful guy has many nicknames, Hawaiian Ti Plant,  Cabbage Plant or the Good Luck Plant, but it's real name is this Cordyline. It will make any space feel more cheerful with its magical leaves.

The color this indoor plant brings to any room is reminiscent of a tropical island with their hot pink leaves. Get the groove going in any place with bright light and high humidity.

Comes in a 10" nursery pot 

Sun icon   bright, indirect light; avoid direct sun or the leaves will burn. If the light is too low the beautiful purple, red, pink, magenta, orange, cream, and yellow leaves revert to green.

Water drops icon Enjoys being kept on the moist side but not soggy. Water well and then allow the soil to dry out.

Paw print iconToxic to pets