Pencil Cactus  - Indoor/Outdoor Plant

Pencil Cactus - Indoor/Outdoor Plant

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Pencil cactus is a tall succulent with long, spindly branches. Rotate your plant periodically to ensure even growth on all sides and dust the stalks often so the plant can photosynthesize efficiently. 

Comes in a 6" garden pot 

Sun icon The pencil cactus prefers to grow in full sun, meaning at least six hours of sunlight on most days. Grow it by your brightest window.

Water drops icon Pencil Cacti like to dry out completely between waterings. The most common mistake made with these plants is overwatering. You won’t need to water your plant more than once every 10 days (at most) during the growing season. During the winter months, watering frequency should decrease, sometimes to as little as once a month. 

Paw print icon Toxic to pets