Kong Rose Coleus- Indoor/Outdoor  Plant

Kong Rose Coleus- Indoor/Outdoor Plant

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Coleus is a petite houseplant grown almost exclusively for its bold, colorful foliage. 

Although the growing guidelines described here make it possible to grow coleus indoors year-round, coleus is often grown as an annual and discarded once it becomes leggy (a problem that can often be contained by pinching off new growth).

Comes in a 6" nursery pot

Sun icon Coleus plants love bright light though it's best to avoid direct midday sunlight, which can scorch the delicate leaves. Your best bet is to find a windowsill or other spot in your home that gets direct sunlight in the morning and bright, filtered like in the afternoon. 

Water drops icon  Keep lightly moist and in well draining soil

Paw print icon Toxic to pets