Thé Noir et Vanille Aftershave

Thé Noir et Vanille Aftershave

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According to Gentleman's Journal, scents can actually improve the self-confidence of the wearer.  We love that and we also love this!!!

Thé Noir et Vanille, which translates to Black Tea and Vanilla is what we envision a late night cup of tea in Paris smells like. Right away you pick up beautiful notes of loose black tea, and then you will begin to notice the subtle florals and citrus from the jasmine and bergamot, all while being engaged with a sweet and warm vanilla. 

This is also...not just for men. Woman around the world, especially in France have been known to wear aftershave. Why you ask, because there is a certain sexiness to wearing super musky, traditionally masculine scents.

  • 4oz
  • Handmade in the USA