Philo Monstera Minima / Mini Monstera - Indoor Plant

Philo Monstera Minima / Mini Monstera - Indoor Plant

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The Philodendron Minima is a perfect mix between a Philodendron and a Monstera. It has the large and beautiful leaves of the Monstera, but the grows vines like a Philodendron. It looks a lot like a Monstera Deliciosa, so it makes sense that its nickname is "Mini Monstera".

Its leaves might look a lot like Monstera leaves, but there is a slight difference: The holes are much larger, the leaves aren't symmetrical, and the plant is a lot smaller.

Comes in a 6"

Sun iconYour Philodendron Minima is happiest in a spot that has indirect sunlight exposure. Medium to bright indirect sunlight means that your plant doesn't get any direct sunlight on its leaves through a window. Direct sunlight will leave burn marks on your plant or make its environment too warm for it to be happy.

Water drops icon It's important to let the soil dry out in between waterings. Its watering needs are very similar to what you're used to if you've taken care of a Philodendron or Monstera before. On average, you should water your plant once per week in the spring and summer. This keeps the soil moist for a few days, but also lets it dry out.

Pro tip: Monsteras can benefit from filtered water or water left out overnight before using.

Paw print icon Toxic to pets if they eat the STEM