Pilea Peperomia  - Indoor Plant
Pilea Peperomia  - Indoor Plant

Pilea Peperomia - Indoor Plant

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The Pilea Peperomioides is an easy to care for plant. With its green coin-shaped leaves, and center light green dot, it surely catches your eye, and you benefit from its air-purifying abilities. 

Being that it's from a tropical environment, it thrives in low to bright indirect light, moderate to high humidity, moist soil and will grow up to a foot tall indoors. This makes them great  to place on a desktop, bookcase, cubby or small nook in your home that is well-lit, but doesn't get direct light. Over time this plant may drop some leaves, but don’t be alarmed, as this is just a natural occurrence in the plant's life cycle. 

Comes in a 4" nursery pot 

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