Tranquility & Peace Ritual Box

Tranquility & Peace Ritual Box

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Find tranquility and peace in your home, office, studio space, or your person with this handmade ritual kit. It comes with a smudge stick bound with a crystal, a selenite stick, palo santo stick, an incense and a candle.

Burn the smudge stick to clear away any negative energy that may be lingering in your space.

Use the selenite stick to recharge your energy body or space. Close your eyes & visualize pure white light flowing out of the Selenite & filling the whole room, surrounding your entire body, uplifting & revitalizing every part of your being.

Burn the palo santo (stick & incense) in the closing of your ritual to raise the vibration & uplift you to continue on with your day.

Burn the candle for purity, peace and goodness.

Makes a great housewarming gift!