Ficus Elastica / Rubber Tree - Indoor Plant

Ficus Elastica / Rubber Tree - Indoor Plant

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Ficus Elastica 'Burgundy’ is a favorite of the ficus varieties. Its thick dark foliage makes it a presence in any room. 

  • Comes in a 4" garden pot. 

Sun iconBright indirect light is best for the Rubber Tree. The Rubber Tree can tolerate a bit lower levels of light if necessary. If stems appear weak and the new growth seems smaller, provide more light to the ficus. You want to keep it out of bright direct light.

Water drops icon The Rubber Tree likes to dry out between waterings. Allow the top few inches or more to be dry to the touch before watering. Signs of being under-watered are the leaves will begin to turn yellow. If overwatered, seemingly fine leaves will fall off. Do not keep the soil soggy.

Paw print icon Pet Safe!