Hollace Side Plate

Hollace Side Plate

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These handmade stoneware trays are ideal for tapas, snacks or appetizers. Or a convenient catchall for keys, loose change and small accessories - like jewelry  

They are designed to be used for kitchen and table and is best hand washed.

  • Handmade & hand etched with black inlay.
  • Measures 6.5” x 9.5"

Olive Branch is known for peace, reconciliation, & friendship Throughout history the olive branch has been presented as a symbol of friendship and peace. Across cultures it signals the end of conflict and the joining of hands in unity.


Eucalyptus Branch is known for healing, protection, & purification The leaves of the eucalyptus are widely believed to ward off evil and used to keep sickness and negative energy at bay. It’s unique woody scent can encourage well being and balance. 


Elm Branch is known for inner strength & intuition. The Elm is associated with femininity and the earth. Elm wood is both flexible & strong. A symbol of inner confidence, insight and empathy. 


Bay Laurel known for wisdom, courage & strength.  A crown for a hero… prized by the ancients as a reward for the highest achievements, also a sign representing wisdom both acquired and intuitive.