Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant

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The Calathea Ornata (also called the Calathea Pinstripe or Pinstripe plant) is a beautiful plant with pink stripes on its large green leaves. It's beautiful, but it can be a fussy plant and difficult to care for at times.

We all know someone that has struggled to keep a Calathea healthy, let alone alive. So with this guide, we'll go over what you can do to keep these amazing, but stubborn, tropical plants healthy.


  • Comes in a 4" gardening pot
  • 11" and taller
  • Pet friendly

All Calatheas, not just the Ornata, are humidity lovers. So this is a great plant to have if you're generally a person who over waters other plants. The Calathea Ornata can take this amount of water. But there is a catch. When you're watering this plant, you should make sure to get rid the excess water. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Plant the Calathea Ornata in the plastic nursery pot it came in and put that in the decorative pot.
  2. If you have a closed off pot, tilt the plant sideways and let any excess water escape.

This step is important, because while this plant loves to be moist, it doesn't like to sit in a puddle of water. This will cause root rot and that could kill the plant.


You should water this plant when the soil starts to dry out. This plant doesn't like to be in completely dry soil, so make sure to water it before it dries out too much. In the summer this means you should water this plant every week or every two weeks, depending on how dry the soil is. In the winter you can water this plant every two to four weeks, again, depending on how dry the soil is.


Light: Calathea plants are tropical plants, so they should get bright indirect sunlight throughout the day. Keep them close to a south facing window with a thin curtain or some shade and you should be able to keep your plant happy. If you don't have a south facing window, a west facing window would also work.