White Bird of Paradise - Indoor Plant

White Bird of Paradise - Indoor Plant

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With its broad vibrant green leaves, the Bird of Paradise brings a touch of the tropics to any room. It's named after its unique flowers, which resemble brightly colored birds in flight. The Bird of Paradise thrives in warmer conditions with plenty of sunlight. Sized to ship best, our large Bird of Paradise arrives with room to grow as it adapts to your home’s conditions.

Don't be worried if your plants leaf split. It is a normal adaptive precaution to help the plant bear strong winds in its native habitat.

Comes in a 12" nursery pot. 

Sun icon bright indirect to direct light.

Water drops icon Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. Mist often. Use filtered water or leaving water out overnight before using.

Paw print icon Toxic to pets